We love developing software. We have developed software of all kinds and sizes. Here are a few examples.

Mobile Consumer App

Our team worked on a iPhone app for retail recommendation site. It allows users to seek recommendations for purchases and then complete the purchases through the app. Its a fully featured app including signup, social networking, catalog search from over 100 stores, recommendation engine, gaming features like points, campaigns and so on. We worked on the iPhone app as well as the J2EE, MongoDB server hosted on Amazon AWS


Community Forest Rights

The village of Mendha (Lekha) was the first village to gain and use their Forest Rights. Our team developed the software for managing the works in the forest, management of harvesting the forest produce and sale of this produce. This innovative software is used by the village to simplify their management of forest rights.


Property Valuation

Our team developed the online property valuation software for leading valuers and project consultants. This software allows the valuers to speedup their valuation process and increase productivity of the organization. It also helps them increase quality and turn around time.