Visuals speak better! 

Almost all kinds of enterprise data has some natural forms and users of these systems understand these forms e.g. timelines, networks, flowcharts, 3D space, geography, so on. If we can present the application data over these forms, its easier for users to understand it. We then take the basic form and add highlights over this data in form of icons, lines, colors, shapes, etc. These identify specific instances e.g. alerts, changes, trends, relationships, etc. These allow users to quickly understand very large data sets and make sense. Its very useful to identify challenges, risks, opportunities in business. We also enable users to further drill down or analyze or play with the data and come up with insights.

Thats what "working visually" is all about. Here are a few examples...


Enterprise Dashboards
Our team conceptualized and delivered for field sales team for a leading FMCG company in India. The dashboards allow users to get single point access to all the information required to track their team's sales performance and discover opportunities as well as risks. It rolls up the data al regional and national levels to enable central tracking and insights for review.

BI platform 

We developed a platform for reporting and analytics for an existing enterprise product. Over a 3 year engegement our team developed the concept, evaluated technology and integrated the OEM products to deliver a integrated BI platform.